Headwaters RDC Staff


Dan Anderson

Economic Development Specialist


Dan Anderson joined HRDC as an Economic Development Specialist in February of 2024. Dan attended Bemidji State University and graduated in 2021 with a degree in economics. Since moving here to attend school, he has grown deeply invested in the development and success of Bemidji, as well as the surrounding areas throughout our region. Prior to coming to HRDC, Dan worked in banking for three years

Naomi (edited)

Naomi Carlson

Naomi started as an intern at the HRDC in 2017 supporting the active living programs throughout the region. She stepped into her new role as Executive Director in 2022 and enjoys working to help change the narratives with her wonderful HRDC staff team and Commission. She enjoys learning about new and creative ways to Lead the Way within our region that improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Judy (edited)

Judy Grundy

Judy joined the HRDC staff in October 2022. She focuses on the financial portion for the HRDC and its subsidiaries.

Levi (edited)

Levi Haar

Operations Manager


Levi has been with the HRDC since 2017. He primarily focuses his time on the day to day operations of the HRDC along with helping administer a variety of housing programs.


Tammi Hagen

Tammi joined the HRDC team in August 2023. She focuses her time as the mobility manager for the Regional Transportation Coordinating Council.  Her main priority is the coordination between transportation providers and service agencies to help fill transportation gaps for older adults, individuals with disabilities, low income and veterans.

Sandy (edited)

Sandy Hennum

Community Development Specialist


Sandy joined HRDC in October 2022. Prior to HRDC, Sandy was the Executive Director of Village of Hope, an emergency shelter for families experiencing homelessness. Working together to lay a strong foundation for individuals, families and communities is the reason Sandy comes to work.

Vicki (edited)

Vicki Ilstrup

Administrative Support Specialist


Vicki started working for the HRDC in April 2021 through MN CEP under the SWEP Program until June 2022, when she was hired to continue working part-time. She helps with administrative tasks and miscellaneous duties around the office.


Brooke Jenkins

Lending and Accounting Specialist


Brooke joined the HRDC in June of 2023. She was born and raised in Bemidji, MN. Brooke received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2015.  She dreams of setting a good example to her children by making a difference in their community.

Tony (edited)

Tony Klaers

Community Development Planner


Tony joined the HRDC in April 2022. His primary focus is transportation and active transportation initiatives in the Headwaters Region.

Sean (edited)

Sean Moran

Sean joined the HRDC in November 2022. He is a loan officer for the HRFC’s general revolving loan fund and also for city and county revolving loan funds that HRFC facilitates.


Jackie Pierson

Administrative Specialist


Jackie joined the staff team in July 2020. Her role is to support the various administrative activities of the HRDC. Jackie also provides staff services for the Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Board. 


Sami Trana

Community Development Specialist


Sami Trana joined the HRDC as a Community Development intern in May of 2023, after obtaining her bachelor's degree in Community Health from Bemidji State University. Upon completion of her 300-hour summer internship, she transitioned into a full-time Community Development Specialist in October of 2023.  

Starting out as an intern has given Sami the opportunity to experience the many roles that the HRDC plays within our five-county region. She has been involved in various projects and activities within transportation, housing, economic development, placemaking, local foods, and clean energy.  She has a passion for overall health, wellness, and an active lifestyle and she loves being able to carry that over into her many roles to gain new experiences and connect various projects and people to each other.


Rhonda Walters

Housing Development Planner


Rhonda joined the HRDC staff in April 2024.


Taylor VanBuskirk

Community Development Intern


Taylor VanBuskirk joined HRDC as an intern in May 2024. Born and raised in Waconia, MN, Taylor moved north and attended Bemidji State University. She is a 2024 graduate and received a BAS in Sustainability and Resource Management, with minors in GIS and Biology. Taylor enjoys her GIS education and is able to help out whenever she can. She also works with placemaking and helping Ridgeway and Conifer picnics throughout the summer. Taylor loves to create relationships with people making her a good fit for placemaking. She is excited to bring forward her knowledge of sustainability and GIS to HRDC and working with an inspiring team.