Transportation, Health, & Public Safety

The Headwaters RDC’s role in solving regional transportation issues takes many forms. At our core, we utilize our partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to work on regionally significant planning or development projects in transportation. We serve as transportation experts for our small town staff, facilitators when communities need problems solving, and planners for a safe and reliable transportation network. We engage local engineers, elected officials, and residents on planning projects aimed at improving our streets, highways, trails, and sidewalks. However, you get from A to B, we are working on making it safer and more reliable.


The HRDC plays another role, representing our region in planning and development through partnerships with MnDOT and others.

  • We represent regional interests in the Area Transportation Partnerships organized by MnDOT, which decide how certain Federal funds are allocated within Northwest Minnesota.
  • We also help connect our small towns to the Transportation Alternative Program - funding sources for trails and sidewalks.
  • The HRDC is part of the statewide Safe Routes to School program, helping school districts plan and implement safer walking and biking for our children.

We stay engaged in partnerships relating to bicycling, walking, freight, and safety; so that the needs of our communities are best represented in state transportation planning.

Current Transportation, Health, & Safety Activities