Conifer Campus

Conifer Estates

Conifer Estates is a twenty unit supportive and transitional housing project in Bemidji. Financing for the project was provided by Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA), Greater Minnesota Housing Fund (GMHF), and Federal Home Loan Bank through First National Bank of Bemidji. The HRA is the owner of the facility and has executed a Facility Lease and Management Agreement with Headwaters Housing Development Corporation in which the organizations have agreed that the facility will be operated exclusively by HHDC under the terms of the agreements with MHFA. HHDC has contracted with DW Jones, Inc. to provide property management services and case management services are provided by Bi-CAP, Inc., Red Lake Housing and Leech Lake Housing.

For rental information contact DW Jones or Bi-CAP, Inc.

Conifer Estates
Villas Building 1 March 2021

Conifer Villas

Phase II of the Conifer project has come to completion and full occupancy as of September 2021. There are four townhome buildings with 8 units serving 32 low-income and homeless households. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held September 3rd with an honored appearance from Senator Tina Smith. Financing for the project was similar to Estates with funding from MHFA, GMHF, and FHLB. The difference would be that this was a tax credits project which added another layer of special reporting and requirements. Conifer Villas LP is the owner which is staffed by HRDC with the HHDC as the governing Board. DW Jones is the property manager with case management services provided by Housing Matters, Red Lake Housing Authority, with some section 8 units.

For rental information contact DW Jones

East Conifer Estates

Phase III of the Conifer campus will be completed in August of 2022 and will be 3 town-home style buildings with 8 units to serving 24 low-income or homeless households. A groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the hard work of our partners and HRDC staff took place August 18th with an honored appearance from Housing Commissioner Jennifer Ho. Financing for this project was also from MHFA and FHLB. Unique to the financing was the new behavioral health bonds which sets the project up for behavioral health services which are to be provided by Housing Matters. Red Lake housing authority and section 8 also have units at East Conifer Estates with DW Jones as property manager.

For rental information contact DW Jones

East Conifer7
East Conifer6

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