The Beltrami County HRA contracts with the HRDC to provide services to meet their mission of providing quality and affordable housing options to low and moderate-income households. The staffing package includes meeting administration, organizational development, financial management, construction oversight, property management, and down payment assistance.

Affordable Housing Entry Cost Assistance Program

The Affordable Housing Entry Cost Assistance Program is designed to encourage and assist low and moderate income households in Beltrami County to become homeowners. The program is in the form of a deferred loan up to $7,500, based on need and to be used for down payment and.or closing costs.

Affordable New Construction:

The Beltrami County HRA has an affordable new construction program to construct modest homes available for sale, to low and moderate income households in Beltrami County. The homes are currently being constructed by private contractors in Beltrami County.

Housing Rehabilitation:

For more information about housing rehabilitation assistance, click here or contact Levi Haar at (218) 333-6530.

Home Buyer Education

The Beltrami County HRA supports the Home Buyer Education provided in the County by the Headwaters Regional Development Commission. Home Buyer Education is provided through the Home Stretch Program.

Click here for additional information.

Conifer Campus

The Beltrami County HRA has partnered with Headwaters Housing Development Corporation to complete construction on three supportive housing developments on Conifer Avenue in Bemidji.  Further information can be found here.

Village of Hope:

The Village of Hope is an emergency facility developed by Ours to Serve House of Hospitality. The Village of Hope provides shelter to low income homeless families in and around Beltrami County.

Board of Directors

  • Orlando Alamono, Chairman
  • Travis Barnes, Vice Chair
  • Max Cloose, Secretary
  • Jacky Richter, Treasurer
  • Jaime Niswander, Board Member

To learn more about the services of Beltrami County HRA, please contact:

Levi (edited)

Levi Haar

Operations Manager

Down Payment Assistance:

Beltrami County HRA administers a down payment assistance program designed to promote home ownership. Through this program, the HRA offers loans that are deferred with no interest for five years. Repayment of the principal begins after 5 years at 4% interest.

  • Households may not have more than $7,500 in liquid assets post-closing
  • Preference is given to purchases of 10 acres or less
  • Home must appraise for at least $60,000
  • Borrowers must take Homestretch or Framework Workshop

Households must meet the income limit:

Household Size Annual Income Limit
1-4 $83,200
5 $89,850
6 $96,500
7 $103,150
8 $109,800