100 Cups of Coffee Planning and Expansion

The 100 Cups of Coffee project was launched in 2019 to expand the opportunity for new community voices to be brought forward and provide input and ideas for improving the well-being of residents and the resiliency of the community. This effort involved the creation of the Beltrami Area Resiliency Team (BART), which is coordinated by the Beltrami Area Service Collaborative (BASC). The 100 Cups project is a new model of connection and relationship-building in which interviewers have one-on-one conversations (often over coffee) with 100 community members. Initial conversations centered around community values, strengths, challenges, and hopes. Interviews were conducted in 2020 and findings were released in 2021. Key findings from the report indicated that Beltrami County is seen as a family-focused place with lots of resources, but that division (along racial, political, cultural, and economic lines) is the most commonly expressed challenge in our community, followed by substance use, isolation/disconnection, and high needs for more mental health services, child care, education, and housing.

The HRDC staff have been able to take part in this project and the Resiliency Team through financial support for staff time from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. Staff are also taking part in follow-up projects related to the original findings. One such project includes HRDC staff participating in interviews as part of the Resiliency Team’s collaboration with Sanford Health to conduct a 50 Cups of Coffee project to learn more about the community’s needs for a Wellness Center. Other staff involvement includes participating in a new project on emerging leadership/mentorship and seeking opportunities to expand this model around the Headwaters region.

More information can be found at: www.beltramiarearesiliencyteam.org

100 Cups

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Nikki Miller

Nikki Miller

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